Concept Testing

Concept Testing


Our client, a regional financial institution, needed to evaluate how a new concept to deliver financial products and services would be received by their customers.


To assess the new concept of delivering financial products and services, we designed an online survey to capture important feedback on how the concept is perceived.


In addition to providing customer feedback on the new concept to deliver financial products and services, we were able to:

  • Identify customer concerns with the new concept, allowing our client actionable items to improve as concept development evolves into deployment
  • Pinpoint current service utilization, connect under achieving services which could assist with the transition to the new concept delivery for concerned customers
  • Determine marketing and training needs for current services in addition to the concept services proposed to clarify safety concerns and overcome common objections

Knowing how the concept was received by customers before making the changes to delivering products and services, our client:

  • Understands key obstacles prior to deploying the new concept and can adapt the concept to alleviate potential customer satisfaction issues
  • Acquired insights on key demographics which the concept appeals to – identifying a target market for growing new customers

Making the investment in research provided executive leadership with the Unmuted Consumer Insights – identifying concept opportunities and challenges prior to implementation.

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